Dr. Ignacio Maglio
- Attorney and procurator (UBA). Public Health Degree.
- Post graduate degree in International Law for Human Rights at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, España.
- Chief of Legal Medical Risk at Hospital Francisco Javier Muñiz.
- Coordinator of Judicial Service of Fundación Huésped.
- Coordinator and member of Clinical Investigation Ethics Committees of Hospital Francisco Javier Muñiz, Fundación Huesped and INCUCAI.
- Nominal Board Member for the Nations Human Rights Committee and Ministry of Justice for Human Rights and Ethics in Biomedical Clinical Investigation.
- Founder and Clerk of the Argentinean Society for AIDS.
- Post graduate professor at the Law Department of UBA.
- Nominal professor of regulations in Clinical pharmacy Investigations Masters at UAI.
- Author of many books and publications dedicated to Medical Law, Bioethics, Clinical Investigation and Medical Responsibility.
Conference speaker in national and international seminars dedicated to Medical Law, Bioethics and Clinical Investigation.
Dr. Damián Edgardo Del Percio
- Attorney (UBA). Postgraduate degree in Health Law (UBA).
- Internship in the Fogarty Program for Ethics in Clinical Investigation (2005). NIH (U.S.) - FLACSO (Argentina).
- Postgraduate degree in Pharmacologic Clinical Investigation (PINCLIFA 2005).
- President for the CER Ethics Committe, Clinical Investigations (CECIC). OHRP registered.
- Clerk and member of the Ethics Committee of the Medical Osteopathy Centre Dr. Mautalen.
- Coordinator for the Regulatory Affaires Commission of “Fundación ética y calidad en la investigación clínica latinoamericana” (FECICLA).
- Co-author of bioethics and clinical investigation articles.
Conference speaker at national and international seminars dedicated to ethics in clinical investigation.
Dr. Julio C. Bustamante
- Attorney (UBA). Insurance advisor (Registered S.S.N.)
- Postgraduate degree in Health Law (UBA)
- Postgraduate degree in “ Investigation Ethics” (FLACSO)
- Attorney for Legal Medical Risk at Hospital Francisco Javier Muñiz and a member of the Bioethics Committee.
- Legal advisor for the Hospital General de Agudos Dr. Cosme Argerich and consultant for the Bioethics Committee.
Teacher at the Legal Medicine Academy (AML)
Dr. Ezequiel G. Muzzio
- Attorney and procurator (USAL).
- Postgraduate degree in Law of Damages (UCA).
Postgraduate degree in Health Law (UCA)


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